Top 4 Best Apps to Spy on text messages for 2021

Unfortunately, the world we live in is not linear, it never was. There was never a good time than today to be more careful and aware of what’s going on around you, and of course, what’s going on behind you.

Your little boy may be having a bad company behind your back, and you can do nothing about it, simply because you’re unaware of the situation. Your adolescent kid may be watching inappropriate content over the internet, and you have no clue about it. Sounds scary, right? Well, now you can do something about it, with spy software.


So, what’s a spy tool or software? It’s a little app, which once installed, can monitor every single activity on a phone, and can alert you of the same. The app is usually hidden in the phone and monitor everything while being completely stealth, there’s absolutely no way of knowing such an app installed on the phone.

You can track every call record, every message, browser history, and communication over numerous social network and messaging apps, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc., without letting the phone owner know that he or she is being monitored.

Is there any free app to spy on someone’s text messages?

Well, that depends on what do you mean by “free.” If you want a “forever” free spy app, that’s unfortunately not available yet. If you find any such so-called free spy app promising you a long list of features with a never-before-seen price, aka. free, keep your distance, please. Because many apps are floating around on the internet, which are actually virus and malware, waiting for some gullible people to download and install in their phones.


How do you know if an app is legit or malware in disguise? While a “free“ tag should be enough to give you enough hint, to be further assured, check if the app is available to be downloaded from the official site of the developer, or from any third-party APK hosting sites. Next, there’s a site named VirusTotal, you can upload the APK file there and check for yourself.

There are, however, few great spy apps which you can use as a free trial to determine if that serves your purpose. Many companies offer their apps to be used for a certain number of days before you have to pay for that – you should take advantage of such offers, and select the best one as per your requirement.

How to spy on text messages without installing software?

How can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone? There’s absolutely no solution if you can’t get hold of the target phone to install the spy app, no matter what. In other words, you must physically possess the target phone, no remote installation can be done. Though once installed, the app will be working silently under the hood and can be controlled remotely by you, there’s no need for any further intervention on the target phone once the initial setup is done.


Apps to spy on Someone’s text messages?

Multiple Android spy apps are existing which can not only alert you of every incoming and outgoing message in real-time, they can also remotely send you a detailed report consisting with details such as the numbers of both sender and receiver, exact date and time of sending or receiving, and full message body text. We have hand-picked a few such apps, and you can’t go wrong by choosing any of them.


NEXSPY is the holy grail when it comes to remote monitoring. Whether you’re an employer and want to monitor your employees, or you need the ultimate parental control over your kid’s activity even when he/she is out of your sight, NEXSPY can cater to all of your needs.



NEXSPY offers every feature other spy tools promise, plus some more. Some of its unique features are as follows:

VoIP call recording and ambient monitoring

Aside from monitoring every regular incoming and outgoing call, NEXSPY can monitor and record VoIP calls, and ambient recording using a secret FaceTime call in iPhone and iPad.


Full address book log

You can receive the full address book from the target phone to your email remotely, with every contact numbers and other information. You’ll also get real-time alert of whenever there’s a change in the address book (new number saved or old number deleted).

iMessage and email monitoring

Like every other spy app, NEXSPY monitor and report all regular SMS (incoming and outgoing both). But unlike other apps, it can spy on iMessage and emails too.


Supports monitoring secure messaging apps

NEXSPY monitors all the regular chat and social media apps like Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Tinder, etc., as well as, secure messaging apps like Telegram, WeChat. People often use secure messaging apps to avoid such spying, but NEXSPY got you covered there too.


This is another useful feature only NEXSPY offers. It actively monitors the GPS location of the target phone and alerts you immediately whenever the phone crosses a certain preset distance.


Internet activity

Not only every website browsed on the phone will be monitored, but you can get a detailed report of saved bookmarks and all the Wi-Fi connections and their GPS locations the phone ever got connected with.

Application monitoring

NEXSPY can monitor every app activity on the target phone, and can also watch out which new apps are getting installed or removed, and send you an alert immediately along with screenshots.


Remote control everything

You can remotely control each and every activity of the target phone, without touching the phone ever.

Remote deactivation and uninstallation

You can also deactivate the NEXSPY, even completely uninstall it remotely, should you ever need to do so.


Virtually every device supported

Though this article is about spying on phones and messaging mainly, what makes NEXSPY a few steps ahead from its competitors is the device compatibility. It supports Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Yes, now there’s no need of looking for different solutions for phone and computers, Nexspy is the one-stop answer for all.

How to use NEXSPY

Setting up NEXSPY in your target device doesn’t require any complicated process or any special technical knowledge – it’s as easy as installing any other app.

First thing you want to do when you are inside your account is looking for your License Key, it’s under the ‘Account’ menu option. You’ll need it to activate the software. Next, go to the ‘Help’ menu where you’ll find detailed instructions for the different OS of the target device you want to install NEXSPY on. 

Follow the instructions, download the file directly in your target device and just install the app the regular way as you do with any other software.

Once installed, it’s now time to set up your private dashboard for controlling and monitoring.

NEXSPY dashboard

Leave the target device, and back to your own device. Log in to your dashboard and then you can configure every monitoring setting as per your convenience. 

You can choose to receive alerts and reports on your phone, or spy on text messages, or by both ways. Or, you can choose not to receive any alert at all, in that case, you’ll have to log in to your dashboard periodically to see all the report, as NEXSPY saves the reports in your dashboard for further convenience.


WebWatcher is another prominent spy app which is available for quite some time, and it offers all the regular bells and whistles a spy app should come up with. Though not as versatile as the NEXSPY in terms of features, it has enough functionality for most of the monitoring needs.


However, there’s no direct link to their payment details page on their website, even after thorough checking, we weren’t able to find the payment page. After a few minutes of live chat with their customer service agent, we received the “check out” link, from which the pricing got revealed.

They have two payment plans, quarterly and annually, and no month-to-month plan. The quarterly plan charges $19.98 per month, and for the yearly option, it’s $10.83 per month only.


This is an interesting addition to our list. Unlike other apps, they actually offer a free version of their app, with limited features and functionality. Their free version monitors only calls and regular messages, and also track GPS location.

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Their premium version is a full-fledged monitoring app, with features like monitoring messaging apps (WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, WeChat, etc.), keylogging, ambient listening, web browsing history reporting, and more.


Apart from the free version offers, iKeyMonitor accepts Bitcoin payment for their premium plans, which is a great thing for those privacy-minded individuals.

Pricewise, as mentioned already, it offers a limited version for “free,” which of course nobody can beat. Their regular premium version comes in two pricing plan, monthly and yearly (no quarterly or half-yearly option is there). Their plans are bit costly than the competitors – $49.99 per month for the monthly subscription, and $16.66 per month for an annual subscription.

All three apps in our list are very capable of almost every type of tracking and monitoring requirement. It’s hard to recommend any one of them, as everybody’s need is unique.

However, if you’re just wondering how to read text messages from another phone without them knowing? you can always start with the free version of iKeyMonitor. If you’re looking for the cheapest solution with all the necessary features, you can consider WebWatcher. NEXSPY is for those who don’t want to compromise even a bit in terms of features, robustness, and functionality – it should be the ultimate spy app choice for them, and their price is not expensive considering all the features they offer.


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