2 Best Remote Cell Phone Spy Software without Target Phone

A lot of people on the internet have been asking about best spy app for android without access to target phone, and it is trending among young people. Online influences like Instagram celebrities, YouTubers or stereotypical Facebook bloggers affect underage users. And it has become a huge problem for parents concerned about their children exposed to different cultures and lifestyles. There are more than 60% of underage having access to social media, and it can have a lot of negative impacts during the child development age.


Spy apps can help parents by giving them access to their child’s phone. It can monitor all the activities of the phone such as viewing contacts, messages, gallery and even the location. Spy apps have been officially developed with license, and it is only made for specific purposes. The license is granted for parental control and to manage operations in companies.

If you are wondering how to spy on text messages free without installing software, it is not possible. Using any type of machines and apps to spy on strangers or people without their consent is illegal. Any person who is found doing so can be severely punished. Spying with apps can also be considered as ‘wiretapping’. The prosecution can be severe, and it is treated as a felony in most states. You can end up paying a lot of fines or sentenced to more than 1 year in jail.

Spying apps are the best for monitoring children activity

With millions of children around the world, most of them have access to phones and the internet. The trends of social media quickly become widespread in a few days. Whether you leave your child at home or schools, they have mobiles in their hands. Leaving your kids unattended can result in many negative consequences.


There is no doubt that the information provided on the internet is educational and great for development. However, a child’s curiosity can also bring overwhelming information that can affect them mentally.

Many apps provide parental control for safe usage, but in most cases, they can be easily influenced or affected in so many ways. Having an app to monitor their activities might be the best idea for all the concerned parents.

Monitoring app for employers

Many operations in the company demand constant communications; having a monitoring app to check the statistics of the operation is vital for the success of the company.

Monitoring apps such as Spyier and NEXSPY can help employers to monitor the activities of their workers. It can also benefit employers by building better understanding or coordination with the workers.

Cell phone spy apps

Spy apps need an internet connection to operate. The laws and terms also require users to have access to the phone and own the mobile officially. You cannot use a cell phone spy without access to the target phone, and the app needs permission to be fully functional.


People bring up topics about how can i spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone, and it is technically not possible. In cases like mobile theft and crimes, the police may hack or breach the phone security with the permission of the owner to track or investigate. However, it is impossible to get a cell phone spy without access to the target phone.

Spy apps work by granting security permissions for access to any phone, and this how the apps operate. You can register to officially licensed apps, install it on your children’s phone and monitor the mobile. Here are the best android spy apps you’ll find on the internet.


Spyier app has been officially available since 2019; the app also offers a free trial for 2 days with full features. It does not require iPhone jailbreak or Android rooting for operation. Spyier is among the most recommended android spy apps on the internet, and it is a licensed app with a ton of features to meet all kinds of monitoring demands.


With Spyier, you can track the location of the target phone and spy on text messages, call logs or photos. The new version of Spyier also features alerts to prevent your kids from any threats like scam calls or viral messages etc. You can register at Spyier[dot]com and get all the features you need for monitoring your kid’s activities. The data in your account is fully secured with advanced encryption software protection for the most reliable security.

The app features useful monitoring such as Keylogger; it is essential to know what types of words are typed frequently. You can use the feature to view the behavior of your child. It also includes all the useful tools such as viewing the photo gallery, call logs, newly added contacts, GPS real-time location tracking, remote-controlled screenshots and many more.


NEXSPY is yet another awesome app with all the features you need for monitoring. The smart monitoring app also provides extra features with rooted Android devices and jailbreak iPhones. You can remotely control the phone, uninstall apps, take screenshots and get notified upon any suspicious activities. NEXSPY offers more than 50 features to satisfy your monitoring needs, and the dashboard user-interface is user-friendly and easy to use.


You can register your license and account at nexspy.com and get the most out of the smart monitoring app. The instructions are provided with step-by-step installation guides to install and function fully successfully. Once you’ve subscribed and installed the app on the target’s phone, you can monitor from your account anytime. — login to your account from any device that can run a web browser and start monitoring right away.

Key features

  • Exclusive app ‘Portal Viewer’ for easy monitoring
  • Remotely control the device
  • Stay hidden while you monitor
  • Take screenshots
  • Export data
  • Supports all popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LINE, and WhatsApp, etc.
  • Easy navigation dashboard

How to spy on someone’s phone? – Well, get yourself registered today at NEXSPY or Spyier and get all the spying tools you need. Spyier has released tons of new features with the 6.0 update. Now you can enjoy data export, timeline and alert function.

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