Windows 10 Parental Control Tools Help You to Keep Your Kid Safe?

What is Parental Control?

Windows operating systems are becoming smarter day by day. Each month a new feature is being launched and updated in the windows 10 operating system. One of such features is the Windows 10 Parental Control which comes under the security part of the Windows Defender.

Today, setting a PC to be used by your kid is much important as the PC is connected to Internet 24/7 and there are many things on the internet which are not meant for the kids to be seen or to know at their age. For this, there are several controls which you can put to your personal computer so that your kid can use it freely and without any inappropriate content from the Internet. Guidance of the parents matters a lot than everything else but this feature of best parental control software on Windows 10 will make your job easier and safer when your kid is alone at the home.

How to Set-Up a Parental Control?

If you have basic knowledge about the computers it is very simple for you to set-up the parental control. For this, you need to sign in as an administrator account on Windows 10 with a Microsoft account. After signing in navigate to this Settings. Parents using Parental control feature available on Windows 10

Settings 🡪 Accounts 🡪 Family & Other People.

Select add a family member and add your kid’s account username to the add family member area. Alternatively, on Windows 10 PC you can also use Windows Defender to monitor your child’s account. Follow these steps to do the same.

Click on Windows button 🡪 Search Windows Defender 🡪 Open Windows Defender 🡪 Navigate to Family Options at the bottom 🡪 Choose Your Appropriate Option.

This best parental control software set-up is one of the best features of Windows 10 which helps you to create, add, manage, and monitor your child’s activity with just a single click.

Here the tips, tricks, and techniques on how you can control the computer or desktop for your kid.

Create a Child Account

Create a separate guest account for your kid and put restrictions about to your will using Parental control feature available on Windows 10. In this way, your kid will just not have his personal account but also have restrictions to the inappropriate folders, websites, and the other webpages of the Internet. Since Windows 7, there is a utility from the Microsoft that you can create a child account for your kid to add restrictions and monitor their usage. NEXSPY which is one of the best parental control software

Adding restriction to a child account

After the account has been created and been added to this best parental control software, you need to modify now that what restrictions you have to set for your kid and what you should allow them to use. Click on Manage family setting online via Family & other people settings. On the activity page, you can view the history of kid’s browsing that what they have searched for, what are the sites they have visited, and application opened by them. If you find something suspicious immediately block them in the parental control settings.

You can also add the limited time till when the child can use the computer. For this, select Screen time to set a time limit on Windows 10 computer.
To restrict the unsafe visiting of the website, you have put restrictions under the Web Browsing tab. Here you can block inappropriate websites and links that you think is harmful to your kid. But the thing to be noted is that the restriction on the website only works with Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. To stop your kid from downloading any other browser, you can add restriction to that site which will not let them download any other browsers to browse the internet and making them use the same in-built Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer browser.

Block Inappropriate Sites via DNS filtering

DNS filtering is one of the best ways to block any sites that you find irrelevant for your kids. This can be done directly from the router label. It blocks the entire list of the site if it is filtered for the specific IP or MAC address in the router. If you are aware of how to use DNS filtering via router you can use OpenDNS which is one of the best parental control software and offers the pre-configured family shield for easy filtering of the DNS. You can even block buffering and online video sites which you think are inappropriate for your kids to use at the current age.

Using UAC and Non-Admin Account for Your Child

While creating your child’s account to keep in mind that by mistake also you should not provide Administrator access to your child. You must create a standard user or a local user account for your child. You can set-up in under the UAC settings on Windows 10 machine.

The first thing you should do is check whether the kid’s account is standard or an admin one. If admin account then demotes it to a standard user account. Secondly, make sure you have UAC enabled which triggers the dialog for the standard accounts when they try to make changes to the computer. To access UAC, click on the Windows logo 🡪 Type “UAC” into the Start menu 🡪 Select change user control settings.

With a Family & other people option on this best parental control software in the Windows PC, it made the task easier to set and monitor your child’s day-to-day activity on the PC. With this, you should also not forget for the Non-Software rules which are giving advice to your kids on the safe usage of the PC.

Other than this, you might ask your kids to keep their desktop in the shared which makes it even easier to monitor the activity of the kids on the computer. Additionally, you should advise your kids on the proper usage and set a time limit for them to use the PC without any fail. Do notice the changes that are being made on their computer usage which will make it easier for you to monitor your child’s activity as a parent.