Top 5 Applications To Help You Hack Into IPhone’s Text Messages

There can be many reasons why you might want to dive into someone else’s text messages. spying on a romantic partner who is probably cheating or keeping a tab on who your kid is talking with over the phone, these reasons differ in nature and urgency. Given that your intentions behind hacking text messages aren’t fraudulent, there is no harm at all in knowing a trick or two about how to hack a phone to read texts.

There are several advantages of going about the job discreetly. For instance, rather than confronting your spouse about your reservations about them cheating would only lead to heated arguments and a plethora of lies. Instead, you can use an efficient application to hack into their text messages without them coming to know about it.

Moreover, as a parent, you would not want your kid to view you as a control freak who wants to check his phone every now and then. Hence, parental control software and applications that facilitate easy viewing of their text messages without having to touch their phone has to be the course of action.

Best applications to hack into someone’s iPhone text messages

Now that the possible reasons behind hacking into someone else’s text message have been established, it is important to know the easiest gateways to doing it. These apps vary in their efficiency but the list that follows is by no means in order of superiority. All the following applications can suit you according to different needs and purposes.

1. 9Tracker

If an application was to be called the James Bond of iPhone text messaging hack, it would be 9Tracker. The application is among the very best if you want to hack text messages without having to access someone’s phone. There are many reasons why it is the best you can choose.

Firstly, it contains more features than any other application that provides the same service. It also provides absolute anonymity if you wish to change the target device, no extra expenses are needed to be incurred.

The application is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and provides 24/7 customer support if you might have any queries or questions to ask. The installation process is as easy as it can get and the same is its user interface.

2. Spyera

The purpose of designing this application was to assist people in going through derailing romantic relationships. Although there is a sense of realization when you’re being cheated upon, yet, it is always better to be sure rather than being stuck in between.

Notwithstanding the base purpose of this application, it can be used for professional purposes as well. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and you can monitor all you need to without having to access their phone even once.

It can be used by commoners as well as people who plan to become professional detectives. Users can get the trial version for free on the internet and go on to buy the additional features if they are happy with the quality of the application.

3. mSpy

Many consider this application to be among the easiest to use. This is primarily owing to the easy user-interface of mSpy. If you’re not very efficient technically and have just begun using spying applications, this one is a good place to start. To hack someones text messages without access to phone isn’t an easy task to accomplish but mSpy makes it easier than most applications.

Although it also gives the users the additional features of keeping a tab on the internet activities on the target device, iPhone text hack is its forte. Given that you look in the right places, the trial version can be downloaded for free and you will have to pay only if you intend to use the application in the future. So, if you’re looking to start your career as a detective with an easy application, this app is it.

4. TeenSafe

Parents across the globe are getting worried about who their kids talk to through their smartphones. The naivety of kids blinds them to the threats out there in the world and they get lured in by people with nefarious intentions. As a parent, it is your duty to know when your kid takes the slightest of wrong turns.

Teensafe is an application designed for parents to keep a tab on their kids’ activities through hacking into the text messages on their device. The application is easily available for download and the trial version can be downloaded for free. It is also easy to use and smooth in operation. There are additional features which the user can decide to buy if he so wishes.


As the name suggests, NEXSPY provides immense flexibility to the users. Changing the target devices, buying additional features on the road, and a surprisingly easy to use interface makes it one of the best picks one can make. It is among the most precise applications that make the answer to the question of how to hack text message without having their phone, easy.

The application is rare in the way that it can also be used on the computer to monitor the device of your choosing. Be it your notorious teenage kids or a partner who’s been behaving weird of late, NEXSPY is there to assist you in every way possible.

Take the trial before you invest your money

Although all the applications listed above are efficient in assisting you in hacking into someone else’s text messages, it is wiser to download the trial version first. It is always better to be sure about the needs and knowing which application will fit them perfectly and provide you with the easiest possible route.

The trial versions are mostly available for free and you can get a feel of the application before putting your money on the table. But you got to start somewhere and grabbing your smartphone right away and looking for the best possible application to fit your use would be the way to go for sure.